• Paul Redding

    Paul Redding

    - Business Development Manager - EMEA Inncom by Honeywell

    "The Leaders in Hospitality event has been an extremely useful event - very eye opening We have met some very very interesting people on an extremely friendly basis We feel that we not only added value but we have taken away a lot of information about the region I can recommend the event highly nbsp We ve found an extremely high amount of partners and moving forward we would certainly look forward to do this again"
  • Richard Jolie

    Richard Jolie

    - Sales Manager Lissadell-Liddell

    "Getting access to the market out here is not easy so this event is really going to expose us to some very interesting people to take our business the direction we want to go long-term We ve met very high profile individuals - those we wouldn t have met before and we have actually picked up some very good quality inquiries"
  • Sean Owens

    Sean Owens

    - International Sales Manager Hospitality Lighting of Havells Sylvania

    "It s been fantastic here There has been great networking opportunities also several seminars and discussions I ve found very interesting from my supplier perspective it has given me an insight more into how the operators work It has been very enjoyable meeting this wide variety of people"
  • Aline Sazerac

    Aline Sazerac

    - de Forge Sales Account Manager Lissadell-Liddell

    "We wish to reinforce our presence in this Region and an event like this definitely helps us to do this It s been a very busy event the networking sessions were a highlight for us we have made really good contacts with general managers as well as we ve explored more Eastern countries like Bulgaria or Kazakhstan to do business with"
  • Filiep Holvoet

    Filiep Holvoet

    Sales Director Arc Edition - Balta

    "It is a very good experience and it s great to see that you have so many people really involved who know the market very well It was a great event and looking forward to hear where it will be taking place next year"
  • Katarzyna Sobierajska

    Katarzyna Sobierajska

    - Undersecretary State Ministry of Sport & Tourism of the Republic of Poland

    "The role of national administration for the hospitality industry in Poland is important especially concerning the creation of economic conditions activities creation of law Therefore the Leaders in Hospitality CEE amp CIS Summit is very important because the summit is an excellent platform for exchange of knowledge information and experience in this field"
  • Christian de Barrin

    Christian de Barrin

    CEO HOTREC The Umbrella Association of Hotels - Restaurants and Cafes in Europe

    "Leaders in Hospitality Summit has been extremely positive both in terms of content and in terms of networking Thank you very much International Business Council for such an interesting event where the future of the hospitality industry in Europe and worldwide is being set I look forward to participating in your next event in Hungary"
  • Deirdre Shurland

    Deirdre Shurland

    - Senior Consultant United Nations Environment Programme & Coordinators The Global Partnership for Sustainable Tourism

    "The Global Partnership for Sustainable Tourism is pleased to participate in this important summit featuring hotel leaders in Eastern Europe We will share the good examples of our partners and of sustainability in action from other regions across the globe and look forward to learning about the best examples in sustainability performance and success that demonstrate the important contributions of the hotel sector"
  • Hans Koch

    Hans Koch

    President - European Hotel Managers Association

    "I would like to thank International Business Council for creating such an interesting event which has so many great ideas Good luck for the next event I look forward to being a part of it again"
  • Irek Weglowski

    Irek Weglowski

    President - Chamber of Commerce of the Polish Hotel Industry & Vice President, Orbis SA

    "In more challenging business environments it is always good to listen to experts and to participate in debates on our industry That is why the Chamber of Commerce of the Polish Hotel Industry IGHP welcomes the Leaders in Hospitality CEE amp CIS Summit in Warsaw as an important industry event that gathers hotel experts to share the most recent information on regional trends and challenges for the future I would like to thank the International Business Council for inviting me here It s a great platform to exchange ideas and current trends it is an important and unique event"
  • Inge Huijbrechts

    Inge Huijbrechts

    Vice President - Responsible Business The Rezidor Hotel Group

    "The Hotel Industry has a responsibility to reduce its carbon energy and water footprint to ensure a sustainable future for tourism in mature and emerging markets At Carlson Rezidor we ensure sustainability through Think Planet minimizing the environmental footprint of hotels in operation and embedding sustainability in new hotels The Leaders in Hospitality Summit is key because it brings together precisely those leaders in hotel development to ensure the sustainability and profitability of the hotel industry and its destinations in the long run"
  • Ivona Meissner

    Ivona Meissner

    CEO - Western Central Europe

    "The hotel industry sector in this region needs annual events like this for attuned people to meet under one roof to discuss - to find elucidation to our concerns and walk away enriched like I did from this event"
  • Nikolay Roussev

    Nikolay Roussev

    Hotel Manager - Grand Hotel Sofia

    "I have attended many events in Central-Eastern Europe but none that could match Leaders in Hospitality In terms of speakers great networking compact round table discussions audience participating in panel discussions I left the event by finding the solution from the industry gurus - how to tackle different issues that my hotel faces or would face in the future"
  • Casimir Platzer

    Casimir Platzer

    President - International Hotel & Restaurant Association

    "I m very honoured to be here and I have to say that International Business Council organized a great event I ll definitely come back next year to join in for the great experience and exchange or knowledge amp networking at Leaders in Hospitality Summit"
  • Christopher Cox

    Christopher Cox

    Regional Director Central & Eastern Europe - Preferred Hotels & Resorts

    "I think such an event is very important for the hospitality industry in the region which is definitely a very important region with unlimited potential I definitely like the structure and it needs a good ratio and combination of panel discussion and guest speakers I really appreciated that I was invited and enjoyed the Summit and will definitely be pleased to come back"
  • Bernd Drechsel

    Bernd Drechsel

    General Manager - Europe of Pacific Direct

    "Leaders in Hospitality Summit is for us a great platform to present our products and having everyone under one roof in here you are near to them and you can listen to them it s much cozier than shows or what I know from other events"