Leaders in Hospitality Event Series Speakers

    Surai Ghimire

    Business Development Manager, International Business Council Group

    MY SLOGAN ► “Success is my duty.” – Surai Ghimire

    WHAT I DO ► I work as business development manager with International Business Council to grow sales by finding overlooked opportunities and customizing the sales process to be more effective. Companies include Philips, Coca-Cola, Honeywell, Grohe and many more. I nurture the relationship with existing clients and guide them towards right buyers for future projects. In my free time, I write economic articles and read motivational books. The feature that distinguish me is I love making things happens and getting this done. 


    About International Business Council Group


    International Business Council is a global organization committed to advancing global economies by fostering business and leadership development opportunities amongst governments and businesses worldwide through delivering highly specialized and integrated concepts of high – level summits, meetings, digital collaboration, publications, professional development programs, market intelligence and expertise.

    Keeping the pulse on and by carefully analyzing global, industry and regional agendas, we engage with political, business, academic and society leaders in order to develop platforms that address pressing problems as well as highlight, reinforce and explore unprecedented opportunities for global business growth that is crucial for economic prosperity.

    International Business Council strives to promote international business opportunities, professional development and entrepreneurship by facilitating networking and open dialogue amongst global and regional leaders through a series of high – level events and professional development programs that drive innovation and set international business agendas.


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