Leaders in Hospitality Event Series Speakers

    Martin Zerovec

    General Manager, Hotel Vila Bojana Bleld

    Martin Žerovec

                           Born Oct. 23rd 1964


                Concluded 1983 Secondary Paramedical School

                Concluded 1987 Faculty of management (informatics)

    I'm not born in Bled. And with that, I'm not Blejec but Blejčan. The difference? If you were born in Bled (up to 1950 women in our country give birth at home) you are Blejec (that is an honour). I am the third child, the only one born in the nearby maternity hospital and the honorary title Blejecan I DON'T HAVE. While I'm preserving the family acquired rights for carriages in Bled and Pletnas boatman at the Bled lake.

    By education I have acquired all the necessary skills in tourism: the guest is always right and even a hundred times, the guest is always right. Although I've said in my chin a hundred times something else, I stay: in Bled I am the most beautiful fijakar in Yugoslavia, my Lipizzaner mare was really nice, the Bled island is something unique and that is part of our family life.
    Mom. Mom taught me how to prepare breakfast. Clean the room. Replace bedding. Dust. Rubbish. For boys is that not something natural. But for a boy - a man who takes care of his business and of his hotel, I would say something what must be. But this is not a necessity. It is a pleasure that my hotel guests are leaving with smiles and words of encouragement shared with me and my team at Garni Hotel Vila Bojana Bled. You are welcome.


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