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    Motel One

    Motel One

    Founded in 2000, Motel One has its head office in Munich. By 31 December 2014 the chain had established its position as a budget design chain with 54 hotels and approx. 12,800 rooms in Germany, Austria, the UK and Belgium. Both guests and industry insiders value the Motel One policy of providing "Great Design for Little Money", offering high standards of service, good design with superior-quality materials and prime city centre locations. With an average occupancy of 75 per cent, the hotel chain generated revenues of EUR 256 million during the 2014 financial year.

    Not long ago Motel One was the first enterprise to receive the German Service Award in Tourism three times in succession, a prize provided by the German Institute for Service Quality.

    In January 2015 the news magazine FOCUS awarded Motel One as Best Employer in the tourist industry. But Motel One has also received recognition outside Germany.

    The budget hotel chain received the Grand Prix 2014 at the Worldwide Hospitality Awards in Paris. In the same year Motel One distinguished itself as the Best Budget Hotel in Germany, an award placed by the German Institute for Service Quality.

    Moreover, it also obtained a range of awards from the property and investment sectors. In 2014, Dieter Müller, CEO of the Motel One Group, was voted Brain of the Year in the property industry by the German magazine Immobilienmanager, and in 2013 he received the ULI Leadership Award in this sector.